Born in -65, lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

Sound Artist and composer (electroacoustic music)
Arts Journalist and editor for Nutida Musik, the leading paper-magazine on new music and sound art in the Scandinavian countries (2016 –).
Halffloor, a podcast and digital art space for one minute sounding artworks (2019 - Founded and run by SS, George Kentros (violinist, SE), Marie Gavois (performance/sound artist, SE/DE) and Michel Klöfkorn (film/sound artist, DE).
Radioart, a society and digital venue for radio play and sound art. (board member, 2020 – ).
Teacher at EMS, The Electronic Music Studio in Stockholm (2020 –).
Part of the interdisciplinary artist group raketa (2013 – ).
Radio producer, mainly for the Swedish public service radio: culture & drama dep (1994 – 2014).
Chair person for Fylkingen (society and venue for new music and intermedia art) 2012 – 2015.
Chair person for Sound of Stockholm (international festival for new music and sound art) 2012 –16.

Works (selection)
2022 Folkbildningsoperan. A text-sound composition for 50 voices and 6 speakers. By Susanne Skog and John Swedenmark. Dur: 43.00.
2022 Besökare/The Visitor. A permanent sonic artwork, Kilenparken, Ronneby. Commissioned by Ronneby Kommun.
2021 Glasmolnet /The Glasscloud, a radio play. Dur. 40 min. (stereo, and 4 ch.)
2018 Sirens. Dur. 19.32. (multi channel 5.0 / stereo).
2018 Utrecht. Dur 8.00 (multi channel quad. EAM)
2017 Nära Marken. Permanent public sound artwork (raketa). Commissioned by Örebro/Örebro Art Museum.
2016 Jungfru Catharina. Fixed media (multi channel 7.0) and soloviolin. Dur: 15.00.
2015 2 kullar och allas röster. Permnanent public artwork (raketa) Commissioned by Karlkrona kommun/Karlskronahem.
2015 Siberia. Dur: 25.30. (Stereo)
2015 Jungfru Catharina Public sonic art work/installation. Commissioned by Sörmlands Museum.
2015 Arkhangelsk Conversation Sonic art work/installation (multi channel, 4.1)
2015 Två kullar och allas röster. A permanent public art work (sound, objects, plants). Commissioned by Karlskrona Kommun/Karlskronahem/raketa.
2014 The Phaesants (sonic art work for 4 vibration speaker and a vitrina with stuffed phaesants)
2014 The Ex-Birds: #1 Sonic installation (sounding panel, text) Dur: 16 x 0.30 / #2 Piece for head-phones and objekts, Dur. 8 min / #3 a field study (performance + fixed media (quad.) Dur. 8 min.
2014 SLU 10103 ( sonic artwork in three parts: #1 Text-sound composition, fixed media. / #2 Score for choral speaking (10 voices) / #3 Fixed media (EAM, multichannel, 5.1)
2013 3rd Floor at 11 a.m. (at State Darwin Museum october 17 2013) A portabel sonic art work.
2013 Communicating Vessels Installation (two compositions, glass objects, radio transmitters.)
# Communicating Vessels II ( bandstycke 8 ch, dur: 29.30)
# Communicating Vessels III (bandstycke 2 ch, dur 29.30)
2010 Ten separate sonic art works for the swedish pavilion at Word Expo 2010, Shanghai
2008 Choreography for Phantoms Dur. 14.25 Fixed media (EAM, multi channel, 5.0)
2008 Singing (EAM, stereo) Dur: 9.26
2008 Birthday Train (EAM, stereo) Dur: 5.55
2006 Light House (EAM, multi channel, 5.1) Dur: 10.17
2005 050601 Mina Vänner/050601 My Friends Dur: 10.17(EAM, multi channel, 5.1 ans stereo)
2005 Sovarna/The Sleepers (EAM, stereo) Dur: 11.00

A selection of exhibitions, concerts and more (2010 – 2019)
2022 Folkbildningsoperan, by John Swedenmark & Susanne Skog. Premiere at Hägerstensåsens Civic House, december 15 2022.
2022 Katsuben Festival, oct 29:th at The Toyokan, Asakusa, Tokyo. Performance with George Kentros, Loré Lixenberg and Koyata Aso.
2022 Opening for the permanent sonic artwork Besökare/The Visitor,june 13:th in the Kilenparken, Ronneby
2022 Jungfru Catharina, sound art installation at Gotlands museum (7 channel/speakers). FRST festival 2022.
2021 Glasmolnet /The Glass Cloud. A radio play, premiere for the stereoversion: February 6, at
2020 Glasmolnet. A radio play, premiere for the multichannel-version of the piece: Dramaton, Audiorama’s biennial for radio play. October 28, Atalante, Gothenburg
2019 Örebro konsthall, Sweden: [59°18’16.0”N 15°14’35.2”E] Solo show by raketa (Cecilia Enberg, Jann Lipka, Åsa Lipka Falck, Susanne Skog) Nov 9 – Dec 29.
2019 h a l f f l o o r. A 60 second sonic artworks podcast. By artists from everywhere. A new one every second week. Ed. team: Marie Gavois, George Kentros, Susanne Skog. (On going)
2018 Void+ Gallery, Tokyo: Orbits around a (nomadic) archive. Exhib., raketa & Midori Mitamura. With support from the Swedish Art Council, part of the Embassy of Sweden Tokyo’s 150 years Sweden – Japan 2018 program
2018 Fsrt, festival for electronic musik, Audiorama/VICC, Visby, Sweden. Jan. 27.
2017 Nära Marken. Permanent public sound artwork. Commissioned by Örebro/ Örebro Art Museum.
2017 The State Darwin Museum/The 7th Moscow Biennale for Contemporary Art. EXPANDING TERRITORIES|department of lost places and new memories. / raketa
2017 TABF/Tokyo Art Book Fair: Orbits around a (nomadic) archive #4 /ed. in progress. / raketa
2017 Karlskrona Art Gallery, Sweden. Orbits around a (nomadic) archive 2013 – 2016. A solo exhibition / raketa (S. Skog & Åsa Lipka Falck) Feb. 4 – March 26.
2016 Fylkingen, Stockholm. Concert including first performance of Jungfru Catharina, a piece for fixe media and solo violin (George Kentros). Dec 16.
2016 Kenozero National Park/ Arkhangelsk, Russia. A raketa tour, including exhibition and public performance at NARFU (Northern Arctic Federal University) and the Regional Scientific Library. Nov– Dec.
2016 Eskilstuna Art Gallery Sweden: Orbits around a (nomadic) archive (2013 – 2016) Edition 1.
2015 New York, USA: EI December 2015 Performance Series. Dec. 18, concert at Experimental Intermedia. Curator: Phill Niblock. Siberia (first performance).
2015 Trans-Siberian Migrating Residency The State Darwin Museum/ 6th Moscow Biennale for Contemporary Art (special program) oct 3 – nov 8. / raketa
2015 Två kullar och allas röster. A permanent public art work (sound, objects, plants). Commissioned by Karlskrona Kommun/Karlskronahem / raketa.
2015 Jungfru Catharina Public sound artwork, june 25 juni – aug 16, commissioned by Sörmlands Museum/Katrineholm, Sweden.
2015 7 februari – 19 april. Focalpoint Barents. Group exhibition at the art gallery Havremagasinet in Boden, Sweden / raketa
2014 oct. Exhib. and seminars at Borey Art Centre/Manifesta 10, St Petersburg, Russia. raketa
2014 sept. Art Salon-Gallery, Arkhangelsk, Russia / raketa
2013 The 5th Moscow Biennale for Contemporary Art/ State Darwin Museum, Moskva. There is a Visitor #13. / raketa. Sept 19 – October 20.
2013, Fylkingen´s 80-years anniversary festival.
2013 Norbergfestivalen, Mimerlaven, Elektronic music festival, Norberg, Sweden.
2013, 27 jan – Nordic Embassies, Berlin/Transmediale, exhibition: The Embassy Reconstructed – a sonic investigation of the phenomenon ”The Embassy” by six artists with the support of a chamber ensemble.
2012 Audiorama, Stockholm: ”Ars Acustica”. Concert for EAM/multichannel pieces.
2010 World Expo 2010 Shanghai. 10 sonic art installations at the Swedish Pavilion, May –October.

Royal Institute of Art/Stockholm University of the Arts. Performative Criticism 2012 – 13.
EMS (electroacoustic music in Sweden, various classes and workshops) 2003 – 05
Dramatiska Institutet (now: Stockholm University of the Arts). Bachelor of Fine Arts, radio production 1993 – 95.
University of Stockholm, Bachelor of Arts ( Practical Philosophy 1990 – 93 (2021)

Member of
FST (Swedish Society of Composers); Fylkingen; ISCM (Swedish Section); The Swedish Lighthouse Society.

2019 The Swedish Authors’ Fund, Working Grant 1 year.
2019 STIM (the Swedish collective management organisation for music creators and publishers)
2018 The Swedish Society of Composers
2018 The Swedish Arts Grants Committee (international cultural exchange/Japan)
2018 Nordic Culture Point, Mobility Funding (Iceland).
2018 The Swedish Authors’ Fund (International exchange grant/Ogijima, Japan).
2017 The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Working Grant 1 year.
2017 VICC, Visby International centre for composers, Composer in residence, nov-dec.
2016 The Swedish Society of Composers
2016 The Swedish Arts Grants Committee (international cultural exchange/ Arkhangelsk, Russia)
2015 The Swedish Society of Composers
2015 Gotland Film Lab Residency at BAC–Baltic Art Center, Visby. Nov-dec.
2014 The Swedish Arts Grants Committee/Musik (international cultural exchange/Moscow, Russia)
2013 STIM (the Swedish collective management organisation for music creators and publishers)
2013 The Swedish Arts Grants Committee (international cultural exchange/Moscow, Russia)
2013 The Swedish Union of Journalists, residency, Athens, Greece.
2012 The Swedish Arts Grants Committee (international cultural exchange/Berlin, Germany)
2012 The Swedish Authors’ Fund, Grant for radioartists.
2007 – 08 The Swedish Authors’ Fund, Working Grant, 2 years.
2007 VICC, Visby International centre for composers, Composer in residence, sept-oct.
2006 The Swedish Arts Grants Committee (international cultural exchange/Stuttgart, Germany)
2005 The Swedish Authors’ Fund, Grant for radioartists.
2004 Helge Ax:son Johnsson’s Foundation
2002 – 03 The Swedish Authors’ Fund, Working Grant, 2 years.