3 october – 8 november 2015: “Trans-Siberian Migrating Residency – Anthropological Research” Moscow

“Trans-Siberian Migrating Residency – Anthropological Research”
A special program of the 6th Moscow Biennale for Contemporary Art.

Exhibition on the roof top at State Darwin Museum, Moscow.IMG_3164 Results from the on-going r a k e t a project “Mobile Institute: House in the Forest. The school In between”: travels in Arkangelsk Oblast, a wooden house in the Kenozersky National Park restored by r a k e t a, and a nomadic residency that has traversed the entire eurasian continent.
Amongst the participants:  Irina Peshnova (Ru), Jens Comén, musician, composer (Se), Oleg Samoilov, artist (Ru), Ilya Grishaev (Ru), Maria Kotlyachkova, curator (Ru), Nadya Gorokhova (Ru), Sindri Runudde, dancer, choreographer (Se), Stig Nilsson, carpenter & restorer (Se), Viktor Fedoseev, researcher (Ru), Yulia Medvedeva, Artist Union (Ru). r a k e t a (Se): Camilla Schlyter Gezelius, architect, Cecilia Enberg, artist, Jann Lipka, photographer, Johanna Bratel, landscape architect, Magda Lipka Falck, graphic designer, Susanne Skog, Timo Menke, Veronica Wiman, curator, professor at Tromsö Art Academy, Åsa Lipka Falck, artist.


IMG_3148                                 From the opening 4 oct 2015. Choreography by Sindri Runudde.


IMG_3200From Darwin Roof top glass house 1Darwin Roof Top exhib 2015