Visitors! # The Mobile Institute at Manifesta 10, St Petersburg

2014 oct. Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Visitors! # The Mobile Institute. A portable Knowledge Lab on Tour.
A Parallel Event at Manifesta 10:
R a k e t a/Stockholm.
Places visited in 2014:  Houses of culture in Arkhangelsk region (Shenkursk, Konosha, Kotlas, Solvychegodsk, Ustyany, Russia), Art Salon (Arkhangelsk, Russia), Gallery Borey (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
2015: r a k e t a studio (Stockholm, Sweden), Art center “Havremagasinet” (Boden, Sweden)
Participants:  artists, musicians, researchers and curators  from Sweden, Russia and other places. P1020585

2014 sept. Flacon, Moscow, Russia.
A Sound Installation: ”Extinct Birds IV. A Field Study” (2014)
Placed inside R a k e t a s work: “Utopia, whatever!” (2013)