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16 december 2016 Fylkingen, Stockholm: / Arkhangelsk / St Petersburg / Kälom / Moskva / den lilla tjärnen / Kenozero / Niagara / Vladivostok / Salvorev / Oxelösund / &&& /

Music, film and exhibition by and with Mattias Sköld, Åsa Lipka Falck, George Kentros, Susanne Skog, Timo Menke och R a k e t a & friends.
Details about the program here.Version 2

Jungfru Catharina;
a piece for tape (6 ch) & violin by Susanne Skog. World premiere. Violin: Kentros / Far North # 2; a film by Lipka Falck, music by Mattias Sköld. Liveelektronics & violin: Sköld & Kentros / ORBITS AROUND A (NOMADIC) ARCHIVE #Raketa Tour Russia (december 2016); film, sound, light in progress by R a k e t a & friends / Siberia; a sound sonic artwork by Susanne Skog. Video and Installations in the foyer: Siberian Trance by Timo Menke and new drafts by r a k e t a.

24 nov – 4 december 2016 Russia: Kenozero NP and Arkhangelsk

A  r a k e t a tour and artistic cooperation with russian colleagues. Workshops and performances in the village Ust’-Pocha in Kenozero National Park / Workshops with students at school n:o 1 and n:o 21 in Arkhangelsk / Performance at the NARFU (Northern Arctic Federal University)/ Exhibition at the Regional Scientific Library (Dobrolubov) combined with public performances (dance, music, film).  R a k e t a (# Jens Comén, Cecilia Enberg, Susanne Skog, Åsa Lipka Falck) & Masha Biryukova, Oleg Samoilov (artists) and Susanna Voiushina (dancer, choreographer). Musicians: Andrey Shulgin, Daniil Rumyantsev & Evgenyi Mazilov.

6 july 2016 Nutida Musik n:o 258

Release of the first issue by Nutida Musik´s new editors, Susanne Skog and Magnus Bunnskog. Nutida Musik (Contemporary Music) is a magazine for sound art and new music. It is the leading magazine on this field in the nordic countries and has been around for for almost 60 years. NM is published quarterly by the Swedish section of ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music).

8 mars 2016, Sveriges radio P1 kultur: BANG! En feministisk tidskrift fyller 25 / P1 Culture, Swedish public service radio: BANG! A feminist magazine turns 25.

About the swedish feminist magazine bang, and where the feminist discussion stands today. The program also tells about how it all started in the beginning of the 90-ies, when the program maker herself was one of the creators of the magazine. Bang is now one of the most read and influential swedish culture magazines. Available as podcast here (in swedish).